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This past week two major developments regarding Sudan have begun to send hope that the genocide may soon be alleviated.

Sudan has agreed to allow a UN force into the country to bolster the African Union troops that have been there since 2004. Currently, Nigeria supplied most of the 7,000 troop force, and has pledged to send another battalion. After troops from the UN the force should include about 20,000 soldiers. France, Denmark, Indonesia, Sweden and Norway all promised to send troops. Most humanitarian agencies have high hopes that such a surge in troop strength will be able to achieve stability in the region.

The United States has called the situation in Darfur genocide, something that has never happened during genocides in the past. The US is continuing to display strong leadership by the passing of the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act at the end of July by the House. This bill ensures that the federal government will help protect US companies and states that divest from companies doing business with the genocidal government of Sudan. The bill also requires that the federal government publishes a list of culpable companies. The bill was passed with an overwhelming majority of 481 to 1.

With these two developmens, it seems that the United States and the United Nations are beginning to use their abilities to stop the genocide. There is much more that can and should be done by both the UN and the US. However, divestment by the US and a UN force certainly sends strong signals to the Sudanese government, and hopefully the violence will come to an end.

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