PDT Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

PDT is excited to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week this year! Here’s why.


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PDT Heads to South Sudan

The UN Mission to South Sudan added local procurement to its mandate, and we’re excited! PDT is on the ground in Juba, talking with stakeholders about establishing a Peace Dividend Marketplace there. We hope to encourage organizations and companies to buy local and build South Sudan.

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Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure

If the goal of development aid is to eliminate the need for aid, then publicly admitting failure is a necessity.

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Red Tape and Risk Hinder Liberia’s Businesses

As the Liberian presidential elections head towards an imminent run-off between current leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Winston Tubman, infrastructure development is weighing heavily on Sirleaf’s mind.

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African Youth, Technology and the Diaspora: An Interview with TMS Ruge

From climate change to the MDGs, how African youth, technology and the Diaspora are coming together to shape the future of Africa. In this interview, Teddy Ruge explains.

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Liberia’s Elections: The Entrepreneur’s View

Trying to measure the success of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s first term is complicated. Putting faith in entrepreneurs to creatively grow Liberia’s agricultural sector is not.

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Corporations in Liberia: Big Contracts, Not So Big Impact

The standard notion that large multinationals will generate large-scale employment creates a palpable excitement in Liberia. But jobs won’t occur through direct employment with those corporations. This is where Peace Dividend Trust comes in: helping to unleash the development — and job creation — power of Liberia’s private sector.

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