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Moving Beyond Handouts in Haiti

Why one Haitian businessman calls Building Markets the most important NGO in Haiti.


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Kabul Arrival

Afghanistan is a tough and brutal place but is filled with inspiring and determined people. We hope the fellow can capture some of that on video.

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Meet Mariana Keller, PDT’s Journalism Fellow

We’ve chosen Mariana Keller as the fellow for PDT’s Best Fellowship Ever. She’s gearing up for her trip to Kabul and Port-au-Prince where she’ll be telling the stories of the business owners we’ve helped.

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Afghanistan: The Land of Dreams and Industry

With the draw down of troops and global reductions in foreign aid, Afghanistan faces challenging years ahead. But you’ve heard that refrain before. For GEW, we’re looking at some of the country’s most promising business sectors and why the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce is optimistic about the future of Afghanistan’s economy.

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PDT Heads to South Sudan

The UN Mission to South Sudan added local procurement to its mandate, and we’re excited! PDT is on the ground in Juba, talking with stakeholders about establishing a Peace Dividend Marketplace there. We hope to encourage organizations and companies to buy local and build South Sudan.

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Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure

If the goal of development aid is to eliminate the need for aid, then publicly admitting failure is a necessity.

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African Youth, Technology and the Diaspora: An Interview with TMS Ruge

From climate change to the MDGs, how African youth, technology and the Diaspora are coming together to shape the future of Africa. In this interview, Teddy Ruge explains.

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