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The Department of Energy estimates that 40 percent of electricity used by the average home comes from appliances that are turned off!

That includes appliances that are idle, such as your computer or laptop that is in standby mode or just not turned off completely, appliances like microwaves that have clocks on all the time and even electronics that are turned completely off but are still plugged in, such as DVD and CD players, TIVO, etc.

Check out this article by Larry Magid, who recorded all of his appliances’ electricity drain.

So the point of all this is to turn things off completely, unplug your electronics and turn off powerstrips that aren’t in use. Powerstrips constantly suck energy, no matter if the electronics attached are turned off or if nothing is attached at all. And turn off your computer at night – not standby or idle, but off. No one cares that your away message says sleeping; if you’re not online at 3 am people can probably guess what you’re doing.

Need more incentive than helping the environment and not being a selfish hog? By the end of the year you’ll save a big chunk of money, too.


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Rolling Stone recently announced that its magazine will now be printed on paper that has less of a negative impact on the environment. The magazine will be printing on paper supplied by Catalyst Paper, ( a Canadian paper mill, that plants the same amount of trees that it cuts down. The newly planted trees will not be cut down in the future. Though this certainly is a step in the right direction, the move is drawing criticism for not being green enough because the mill does not use recycled paper. Using recycled paper is certainly the most green step any magazine can take, yet no national magazine has committed to this. Magazine editors are concerned that the quality of recycled paper is not good enough, particularly for photos, but others argue that the technology of recycled paper has increased and has made the quality as good as non-recycled paper. As of now, the decision to switch to recycled paper is based on balancing green issues and the quality of the magazine.

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