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Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure

If the goal of development aid is to eliminate the need for aid, then publicly admitting failure is a necessity.


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Why simple stories in the aid world sell but shouldn’t.

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PDT is throwing its hat into the ring on the World Vision NFL T-Shirt debate. @good_intents (via @saundra_s) has an aggregated listing, thanks Saundra!

There are several reasons why donating unwanted T-shirts to developing countries is not smart aid. But it all boils down to the fact that it distorts the local economy by killing competition. Why would anyone buy a T-shirt in Zambia or Nicaragua when they can just get one for free? The local T-shirt manufacturer and seller is now out of business, at least temporarily, and in a developing economy it is imperative that money is kept circulating with the buying and selling of basic goods.

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