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For a 20-something such as myself, the idea of the “lasting impact” of WWII at first glance seemed almost ridiculous, at least not worthy of mention outside of history circles. The meaning of WWII today, as discussed in the press, is different for each European country, the obvious influencing factors being geography – East versus West – and political power – Axis versus Allies. But perhaps one of the most important, lasting impacts of WWII today still has not been adequately addressed; yet, it is an issue that is seen in conflicts all over the world today.


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On June 11, Reuters reported that four aid agencies were allowed by Khartoum to reenter Sudan with new names and new logos. These aid agencies, along with nine others, had been expelled from the country by President Omar Hassan al-Bashir a day after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for his arrest for various war crimes and crimes against humanity. This particular circumstance raises a very legitimate and difficult question concerning aid groups and international humanitarian law. It is often extremely challenging for international aid groups to decide whether or not to speak up against war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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