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On July 7th, an Indian court rejected a patent claim by drug-maker Novartis for a cancer drug it developed. The Indian court said that the drug was no unique enough to warrant its own patent, but the importance of this case is not the reasons for its outcome, but the impact the judgment has on the world’s supply of cheap, generic drugs.


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McCain has repeatedly voted against covering birth control like other prescription medicines. This essentially means McCain would rather have Viagra and other erection, baby-making pills be more affordable than birth control…

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Yesterday, June 6th, a bill was introduced in both the Senate and House to make it illegal to refuse women birth control prescriptions for any reason. This would apply to both prescriptions or Plan B, the over the counter emergency contraceptive pill. Even though the FDA had approved over-the-counter use of Plan B, it is not illegal to refuse to sell it to a customer. In fact, some states are proposing legislation that makes it legal to deny to fulfill over-the-counter or prescription medicine for personal or religious reasons.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (Democrat, N.J.) and Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (Democratic, NY) introduced the bill into the legislation. Both politicians cited the fact that no woman should be denied the right to make their own private, health choices, and that it’s not the pharmacist’s place to deny this right to women.

Many stories about women being denied either Plan B or prescriptions have surfaced recently, including all women, young and old, married or single, with or without children. Though many women turn to another pharmacy, some low income women may not have the transportation, time or money to go to another pharmacy that will fulfill their prescription.

Walmart is one company that has been notorious for its refusal of fulfilling or carrying prescription and over-the-counter birth control drugs.

Though religious freedoms should not be taken for granted, this freedom should not trump any other personal right, especially when it comes to health. Contraception is a personal choice and right that can not be denied. Pharmacists should have no right to go against doctor’s orders to fulfill prescriptions. Pharmacists also should not have the right to override the FDA simply for personal matters. As a “free” country each person has the right to decide what is right for themselves and their body. Additionally, birth control prescriptions are also used to alleviate the pain, irregularity and other side effects that accompany periods, not necessarily just as a contraceptive.

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